The Right Shirt for any Fishing Trip

 A fishes line of vision can be the first and foremost factor separating you from that trophy fish. Refraction being a key factor to fish seeing you, far before you can fully scope that next honey hole ,salt water flat, river run, pond, lake or babbling brook. We formally lived in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, with some amazing fishing right in my back yard. Underrated bass, remote, back country brook trout ponds, gigantic lake trout, but it was the land locked Atlantic Salmon with there prolific fall runs that got my blood pumping. Catching a land locked in a foot of water resulted in an all out battle royal of a fish fight. All factors taken in, being stealth was extremely important. Now living in Boise, Idaho this is my first time tackling an urban fishery. Yes, I can drive to some remote spots, but when I fish in town, once again you'll always see me blending in from the fish. I should just learn to talk quieter.

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